You are a unit company has business activities Export Import, we assure you be having one of the following issues:
Payment of salaries to employees: With the payment must maintain salaries and allowances, allowances for import and export staff sometimes exceed the cost of the outsourcing services for one shipment export or import export.
Professional capacity of staff export can not compare with professional capabilities of enterprises specialized in providing services of customs declaration. With a senior staff expertise and good, the level of the salary costs exceed the affordability of the business.
Proof of payment: There are many external costs incurred no payment vouchers. This led to the suspicion between management and employees export, causing disunity, affect morale, work environment and corporate culture. Besides, the legitimacy of this invoices for accounting department is also a significant problem. We invoice for each shipment service, so you feel secure about the cost and payment vouchers.

Delivery on time is one of the factors in business prestige but also a business opportunity now.
Professional saves preparation time records, ensuring accuracy of customs documents so the customs will not be returned and asked to modify records.
Thanks versed in the customs business process in the customs department, the gate should dossier preparation and submission of customs always have priority handling, time savings not only for customers, but for the whole body customs.
The risk from within the enterprise: Confidential business information is one of the important problems of the business. There are many customers who come to us when the employees their export hub to know customers, partners and price were split open and private companies, or moving to competitors.
HR issues: The initiative of the business plan is one of the determinants of effective and successful implementation of the business strategy. Yet many businesses do not take the initiative to get the worker quit or export a particular unexpected reason.

Co. Trading Service Delivery Ha Giang is the company specializing in the field of customs declarations. We are proud to be one of the companies providing services in the field of customs declaration, help customers save time, cost and timely delivery. The Trading Service Co., Ltd. Delivery of Ha Giang is the General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Finance officially certified as Customs Agents, Customs Agents Jobs is the General Administration of Customs licensed, convenient help Ha Giang better and faster service delivery with the customer has a contract with Ha Giang customs procedures.

– Ha Giang may represent goods owners sign and stamp on the customs declaration at the Agency HQ. (You do not have to buy enterprise software and signature of customs declaration for the customs operations of minh.Day is the difference of the Customs Agency and the Customs Service workers)

Giang Ha receive services for different types of export and import of the following:
– Type of business, Export Business
– Added investment, tax or investment Export tax exemption
– The processing contract, Import processing, export processing
– Import of raw materials for export production
– Temporary import – re-export, temporary export – re enter
– Import and export non-trade (goods for donations, gifts, grants, ambassadors …)

If the remote, you just need to contact via E-mail transactions, phone, or courier service for Ha Giang.
Company We are committed to bring you the benefits unsurpassed efficiency surprise!

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